Classical music services
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String Quartet

This is how all started. The most famous ensemble in the history of music, the String Quartet. Most of the great composers were composing for String Quartets, before writing for symphony orchestra. This ensemble gave the idea for famous music bands to unite in four like Beatles or ABBA and not without a reason. Four instruments produce the most complete sound result. Main melody, supporting line, base line and rhythm are perfectly balanced between four voices and you can appreciate it in the best known classical compositions as much as in contemporary pop and rock arrangements. A String Quartet also can accompany a solo instrument or a singer and if percussionist or pianist is added you can have a full ensemble sound set-up which is ideal for dinner time.

String Trio

This ensemble, with its rich sound, large repertoire and beautiful presence in any given venue, stands in between the duet and the quartet. Three voices, two violins and a cello, mix harmonically together to produce a string ensemble sound that is rich and resonates. It has equal flexibility moving in space according to the musical schedule and also can provide a live show with electrical instruments and sound system support. There is also the option of having different instrument combinations, replacing the second voice of violin with another string instrument. Another possibility is to include a piano or harp in trio as a base instrument and create your own set-up of instruments you want to listen. Contact us and we will provide you more details about our options.

String Duo

String duets are very flexible set-ups. Two musicians create the best musical communication and can support a much wider repertoire than a solo. The majority of most popular songs and music tunes have one base line and one melody and that’s why it is always easier to reproduce them with two instruments. The variety of combinations is countless, starting with two violins, violin and cello, violin and harp, violin and guitar etc. A duet can also include a singer and an instrument accompanied by a background playback playlist. For longer events and demanding audiences we suggest a piano or harp duet with another string instrument, mainly because of its rich sound, wide repertoire and the possibility of fulfilling the guest´s song requests on the spot.


A classical instrument solo performance is one of the most popular choices. It immediately transforms your event to something unique, creating ambience and filling the atmosphere with emotions. It is impressive and flexible. Our virtuoso string players perform indoors and outdoors and can easily move around the venue following the music schedule of the day.

Solo Violin

Solo Harp

Harp Groups

The harp, one of the oldest and most widespread instruments known. Not without reason, too. Its gentle, mellow, flowing sound instantly creates a dreamy atmosphere and brings a calming vibe.

Harp Trio

The harp one of the oldest and most widespread instruments know. Not without reason. Its gentle mellow,flowing sound instantly creates a dreamy atmosphere and brings a calming vibe.

Celtic Harp Duo

The Celtic Harp is smaller in size and easier to transport, making it ideal for smaller venues and remote destinations. It plays the same as the Pedal Harp and can be combined with other instruments for a deeper fuller sound.

Piano Duo

The piano's versatility and ubiquity have made it one of the world's familiar instruments. With a vast repertoire and many combinations with other musical instruments and voice it can provide endless options for you.

Duo Piano - Violin

Wedding in Santorini, Duo Piano and Violin, Rivios Thanos Photography

Duo Piano - Cello

Wedding in Santorini, Duo Piano and Cello, Phosart Photography


If you decide to invest in recreating royal celebrations, then you will need a small orchestra to perform for your guests. The string quartet is the base and by enlarging each section with more players, adding some wind instruments and percussions you make it happen. Our musicians are experienced in playing together without a conductor, but if you want to add one, we will not object. Even better, you can conduct us yourself or sing a song along with us with some previous arrangements and surprise your guests, leaving an unforgettable impression! Whatever your choice may be, it is important for us to point out that we always welcome new ideas and proposals from our clients