Contemporary music services
Banner photo by: Kalisperis Photography


Our team of talented, young musicians will bring you the best in Pop, Rock, House, Greek, International music in any form you like.

Solo Live Show

One musician with the right sound equipment can transform your event into a rock concert. Our most popular project is the Electric Violin Solo that can be supported by a DJ. She has the experience to provide you with an exquisite live show performance.

Solo Electric Cello

Another option is to create a chill out ambience by combining pre-recorded background music with the live performance of an amplified instrument, like a cello. The repertoire consists of lighter sounds but maintains the background beat and it is perfect for cocktail parties.

Solo Saxophone

If you think saxophones are only used in Jazz, think again.
From folk music to blues to rock’n’roll, funk and soul, the sound of the saxophone can’t be ignored. It’s simply unique and characteristic.

Electric Violin – Saxophone Duo

We’ll let the video speak for this one.

Loop Duo

This fantastic Duo combines the versatility of the Acoustic Guitar, the deep, mellow sound of the Cello and technology through loop machines to match every taste and cover the broadest repertoire imaginable.

Singer – Guitar Duo

Young, talented and with amazing chemistry between them the Singer Guitar Duo can cover both modern and classic songs in Greek, English, French and Italian.

Party Band

With an arrangement of 3 to 6 members, this party band will drive your cocktail hour or party to another level of entertainment. Their uplifting repertoire includes pop, rock, funk, swing and dance songs that will make sure the party keeps going.