Jazz music services
Banner photo by: Emotional Frames


From Hoagy Carmichael’s 1930’s jazz standards to modern Bossa Nova jazz, our jazz ensembles can suit every mood, time of day and event.

Jazz Quartet

Usually composed of a piano, a saxophone, a double bass and a singer, the Jazz Quartet is the epitome of entertainment. A pleasure for the eyes and ears, it will complement your cocktail hour perfectly. The repertoire spans from Classic Jazz to Soul, Pop, Latin and International hits.

Jazz Trio

Based on the piano, there are many combinations for the Jazz Trio: It can be paired with a double bass and a saxophone for mellow, cool tunes for your dinner or with a singer and a saxophone to complement your guest welcome.

Jazz Duo or Solo Piano

Our talented and very experienced jazz pianist can combine with any instrument or voice style or even play solo for smaller crowds and budgets.